Bearfoot barbwire tightrope walking, drinking hot cobra blood and anchoring a 4 x 100m gazelle relay squad.

So, things are hotting up and as 3Peaks gets closer, with just over 4 weeks left. I've really tried to concentrate on conditioning my body for the rigors of the event this year so far. So i've been doing lots of hill walking, a fair bit of hill running (I'm trying to ensure I run do around 40 reps of Borough Hill a week) as well as trying to ensure I do enough miles on the bike. I've been helping a friend with some black paving too, which has strengthened up my upper body in a more dynamic approach, rather than sitting in a gym. I've not concentrated of the speed of hill running yet, more about conditioning my legs and ankles for it. I've been motor paced once a week (36 miles averaging 27mph on the cross bike) to get my speed on the bike. Moving closer to the event, I'll drop the volume of riding and increase my speed of hill running


Righto' A quick update really. I've started riding the CX bike a lot more now, and adding in some specific exercises to help me during the event. 10 sets of Borough hill at the moment... some yomping, some running steadily.  I'm having good sensations with the bike and legs at the moment, and am aiming to build for the next 3 weeks with a good block of training. Bike-wise I have changed a few things. #1 moved back to anatomical bars.  I love traditional bars for every other ride and race, but the amount of power and duration of braking during the #3peaks meant I have reverted back to anatomical bars.  More contact area with the hand during braking will make it much more comfortable. #2 Nokon cables.  Just fed up with shite shifting, so I have gone back to Nokon. Yes, they're noisy, but they are so good. #3 Tyres.  Been toying with tubeless Schwalbe Rapid Robs with some success.  I've been using my own mixture of sealant which will help with pinch flats

Are you running up that hill.....

Spent the last week in Estartit, Catalunya. A lovely place and a nice beach holiday with the wife and my little lad.  NIce food, great weather and great company. I found a nice little mountain to run up, which started as the steps from hell and then a load of stepping stones.  It was pretty steep, so I did a few sets of this everyday to ease my legs into running. It started of with these: Followed by these:   Followed by these:

Turning up the heat

Having lived abroad for a while, I love the heat. I love being in it, training in it, racing in it, eating ice cream in it. So today, I went up to Borough for a quick session.  15 reps, jog one, romp one... and repeat.  Being a cyclist it takes a while for my ankles to get used to the walking and running, especially with a bike on my back. A few things that I have noticed will need attention are: My Hope floating rotors have some play in the pivots. Its annoying so these will be replaced with a lighter, Alligator rotor. I usually cut a section of inner tube, and wrap this around my front mech to reduce the rattling. I need to add this again. Schwalbe Racing Ralph tyres suck. My freehub bearings will need replacing shortly. I run traditional bend bars, with a padded gel insert under the tape.  I have now had to duct tape this in place.  Riding on the road wouldn't have been an issue, but for the 3 peaks, I cannot afford to have this move and loosen the bar tape
Slippin' in cow shite. Training in Rutland's deep grass has its misfortunes. It's not hitting a rock thats the worst thing...  but your old friend Pat, cow Pat. Gross.
Its that time of year that I seem to be ringing the wife to collect me mid-ride. Pinch flats, written off wheels, broken bits etc.  First issue I had was stripped threads on a skewer, which is bizarre... Didn't think it was worth the risk of riding home with a loose front wheel.  I've been revisiting tubeless again.  Seems to be great for general riding, but I struggle to get a high enough pressure to stop pinch flats for the 3 peaks.  I'm not using a Stans ZTR 29er wheelset as this creates a wider tyre profile for added comfort, but it makes the tyres a sod to get on or off.  Getting them on I can cope with, and them being difficult to remove in a bonus if I need to ride on a flat rim for a while to get to a pit station during the race.  The downside of a tyre being wider, it than is also makes the profile lower which encourages pinch flats.  Food for thought. I've also been up to Borough Hill again, which is my local training ground.  Its 6 miles from my house, so
My form, in general is building nicely.  I've done a few races so far this year, but can't commit to every weekend as I have a young family.  (My little boy is young, not my wife... I'm not some sort of grooming weirdo) I have a rest period coming up soon, where I will do some running to condition my legs a little.  I will be in Spain, so can cathc some rays' whilst beach runnin and swimming.